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Korda Singlez T Bar Korda Singlez T Bar
This is a new concept in rod support that's set to turn conventional buzz bar setups on their head! It's the brainchild of Danny Fairbrass, and is produced to staggeringly high standards by stainless wizard JAG Products. Singlez combines the beauty and aesthetics of single banksticks with supreme solidity and convenience, not to say attention to detail that's simply breathtaking!

The Singlez system can be used as a two-rod setup or a three-rod setup, in hard or soft ground and even on wooden or block-paved platforms and towpaths. Mix and match the uprights and buzz bars to create the setup that best matches your needs, and you can add to your setup as and when you can to build an extremely versatile, rock-solid setup.

Dan had a prototype sample made up at great expense and it immediately started to attract attention from anglers who saw Dan fishing with it! Once Danís idea had started to gain momentum, the search for a suitable manufacturer started. Despite having numerous samples made, Dan was unable to find an engineer that could make a set of Singlez that matched his extremely high expectations. That was until JAG entered the frame. The renowned stainless wizard already had a range of peerless stainless bankware, so it seemed logical that it would be the outfit to craft the Singlez system for us.

Korda Singlez T Bar Korda Singlez T Bar

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Korda Singlez T BarKorda Singlez T Bar
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